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PDM Add-In Settings/Actions

Question asked by Sean Donnelly on Jan 11, 2019
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I written a menu command in PDM via C# that takes the data card values from the selected files (and related file variables based on name across the vault) and loads them on a custom Windows Form. From there, When the user selects selects a few options and an email is sent out to a group of people. The email list for this group is hard-coded in add-in. I'd like the ability to maintain this list within the add-in by right-clicking the add-in and choosing something like "Settings". From there, I would be able to type in emails that would be pulled (as a string) when the user presses "OK" on their Windows Form.


Does anyone know how to do something like this? I know there are ways to do a user control via tasks, but I'm trying to do more of an Add-In settings page. Similar to how Dispatch has the "Administrative Actions" option when you right click the Add-In.