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    Helping the Next Generation of Engineers

    Todd Blacksher

      Hey Everyone,


      We are about 4 weeks away from SOLIDWORKS World 2019, and there is only a little over a week left to get the most sought after t-shirt for the conference!

      That's right, we've ordered another run of the Kameron Smith designed SWUGLife/SLUGME shirts, and they can be at your door in time to wear to Dallas!

      Quick reminder - The proceeds from the shirts will be donated to Danielle Boyer / EKGAR (Every Kid Gets A Robot), AND she will be presenting at SWW19!

      Show your support by wearing your SWUGLife/SLUGME shirt to her presentation on Wednesday.


      Order your shirt here: SWUGLife OG Shirt Custom Ink Fundraising


      Check the blog post here: Helping The Next Generation of Engineers – SolidWorks Rx