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    Moving EPDM into a new domain

    Mark Schulz

      The company I work for was purchased some time ago, and we have been gradually migrating into their systems.  The next step will be to move completely into their domain.  Our current EPDM vault uses windows authentication through active directory.  We have set up a user group in our AD for vault users, so once the user is in that group they can be added to the vault.  My question is what happens when we are moved into the new domain, and have been assimilated into their AD.  What can I expect to break, and how do I fix it?  All help is appreciated.



      Mark S

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          Nadia Shea

          If the user names match in the new domain and the proper groups are added to the archive server configuration tool->attach and access groups, you may be surprised how little it breaks.


          I see more issues during ‘transistions’ and multiple domains are maintained without any trust between them.


          If you are using 2019, mixed authentication is available and should make the process even more seamless.