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How to disable dialog warning that one of the components is in a rollback state

Question asked by Josh Chapman on Jan 10, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2019 by Josh Chapman

If I leave a part sketch open and then go to the assembly where it is being used I get a popup dialog box that warns "one of the components of this assembly is in a rollback state. The assembly is inaccessible now."

Then I have to click on OK

Then I can see my assembly, but I can't do anything with it, no rotation, no zoom in and out, no measuring anything.


Ideally I would like the assy to not tell me that the part is rolled back (I already know that) and let me manipulate the assy so I can keep working. Sometimes it happens because I am trying to add a dimension to the part in a sketch, and I need to measure something in the assy. so it slows me down a lot to go the the assy, can't proceed because the dialog pops up so I try to go back to the part but I cant do that either, so I have to go back to the dialog and click ok, then go back to the part and close the sketch, then back to the assy, take my measurment, then go back to the part and reopen the sketch, then I can finally enter my dimension (provided I didn't forget it in the rigmarole)

At least I would like to be able to turn off  the pop up dialog, or have it automatically clear itself after 1 second

Does anyone know how to turn it off, or a good work around?