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Help Copying a property from one field to another

Question asked by Luke Browning on Jan 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2019 by Deepak Gupta

Hi Everyone,


I'm after a bit of help with moving some custom properties around.


Before my time at my current employer they went through a migration process from Max db over to PDM pro.


During that process it moved all of the old properties into new fields in the configuration specific tab, e.g Desc2 moved to a new property called Description2 which is what drives the data card.


However we have noticed, it didn't create a Description property and subsequently didn't move Desc1 over to this new property, this means when we open an old part to make some changes, the current data card looks for the Description property and it when it realises it doesn't exist, it removes the Desc1 data from the card and leaves this blank.


What I'm after is a macro or a clever method to create the Description field in config specific tab and move Desc1 over to this new field? (I know i could do it manually but we have thousands of old files)




If this is possible, once this is moved over, i would really like the macro to delete all old Max db property fields from the config specific tab. Such as the ones displayed below.