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General question on simulation possibilities

Question asked by Sören Spindler on Jan 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2019 by Sören Spindler

Dear fellow students,


I have a very basic question on the possibilities of SolidWorks Simulation.


My task is to simulate the behavior of a mechanical press - tensions and shifts to be specific.


Is it possible to simulate the tensions and strains of the total system (see picture below) for a complete cyle rotation of the drive shaft so that I can get results out of the simulation for any rotation angle of the drive shaft?


Right now I am only able to simulate the motion of the system with the SolidWorks Motion Analysis tool. When using the simulation tool I am only able to get mechanical tensions and shifts for one specific angle / position of the system.


I did a motion simulation of the modell before and the press movement worked properly and did complete full cycle rotations so I think the mates of the system must be correct.


I am gratefull for any help on how to simulate the mechanical tensions of the system over the complete cycle of the movement and thanks a lot for any hints on why I am not able to simulate the dynamic process of the press in a full motion-cycle.