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Moving Origin Issue

Question asked by Derek Eldridge on Jan 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2019 by David Suelflow
  • I have a part file in which someone previously imported a body from a master model. (Part in part)
  • Additional features have been added to the imported body after importing. So the tree contains the imported body and then additional features performed to the imported body.
  • I want to edit the original imported body feature, body move, so that the origin and planes are useful when mating in an assembly. The original body move import feature was aligned to an incorrect user-defined origin.
  • The result in my edit will rotate the model in two axis.
  • This seems to result in the destruction of any sketch utilizing vertical or horizontal sketch mate references.
  • I don't want to add a move to the end of the tree, because this results in the inability to perform in context edits as the model jumps to the original orientation that each feature was created in prior to the move feature.
  • To prep moving all the features in such a way, all features referencing the origin have been removed and replaced with local references or dimensions.
  • We also tried replacing horizontal and vertical mate references with perpendicular and parallel mates to avoid orientation issues with the rotating view.
  • It now appears that dimensions also contain some type of reference to horizontal and vertical.
  • How can I address Horizontal and vertical relationships to dimensions?
    What other feature types do I need to change to prepare for moving the original important body?
  • I do want to maintain editability of the features. So exporting as a solid is not an option.


EDIT 2018-01-10

Recap issue.

  1. Sketch references to Origin have been removed for obvious reasons. Replaced with relations to features.
  2. Sketch references to horizontal and vertical were replaced with perpendicular and parallel to remove rotational orientation about the origin.
  3. Edit body move within imported body feature.
  4. Results rotates the model about x such that Z becomes Y. And the origin moves in all 3 X,Y,Z.
  5. Resulting Sketches will not rotate with the change in step 4. (Assuming there is a horizontal and vertical relation imposed on dimensions created in horz and vert.)
  6. Request: How do I remove the dimensional horz and vert relations mentioned in step 5. (Prior to step 3 of course)
    1. Note: This seems to be the same issue when adding dimensions to library features. I've found that the dimensions must be created on an angle, to avoid containing a horz and vert relation. But I'm asking how I remove them, without creating the sketch on an angle, to begin with.


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