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Unit System Option Pick - other than IPS, MMGS, CGS, MKS?

Question asked by Heikki Jalonen on Jan 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2019 by Heikki Jalonen

Hi all again!  Is there any way to add a new unit system option besides those default IPS, MMGS, CGS and MKS?


For practical engineering around the Metric World, a Millimetres Kilogram Seconds (MMKS?) would be a most needed addition.


Now, at least I don't know other means than opt Custom units and switch grams to kilograms.  No problem if I use my own templates (beginning from scratch), it's done years ago and OK since.  But, feels a bit annoying when working with existing/old/somehing-outta-there/misc files.  To neglect means more mess.


Non-SI of course but common engineering pracice, yes.  I suppose I'm not the only one missing this feature.