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Please suggest SolidWorks compatible virtual reality device.

Question asked by Heshantha Manupriya on Jan 10, 2019
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Our team wish to buy VR device for present our design  to end user.

In this case we need to show them what is end experience they can have with the new design.

Using this we needed to show actual physical size of the object. As a example the gantry structure High 7m, Width 5m, Length 12m.

Need to show them there is no intersection with building component or existing machines.

For this it need a facility to combine actual factory environment and the CAD model together.

Also need to percent worker ergonomically comfortability of the machine by walk around the machine.

The floor area of machine may 4X4m.

It is superb we can show the animation of the machine through the device.

Is any VR device possible to support my requirements.

What is it?

Now we are using SW 2018 Premium SP 01.


Thank you.