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Folder specific auto part numbering

Question asked by Edgar Klava on Jan 9, 2019

Hi all.



I'm very new to PDM so my apologies for silly questions that I might ask.


We're implementing PDM Pro at the moment and I was hoping to get some help with automatic part numbers.
Basically, we have automatic serial numbers assigned to files created/imported anywhere in to the vault. Any tips on how to make that to be folder specific action? For example, we don't want any part numbers to be assigned to parts in Work in Progress folder, but we want them to be assigned with part numbers when released and moved to a final location.
Also, is it possible to set separate serial number conventions for different file extensions? For example, PTxxxxxx for Solidwork files etc and DOCxxxx for any documents, images and so on?


I would be grateful for any tips or advice on how to tackle this issue.