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How to add new configuration to design table

Question asked by Layne Fowler on Jan 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2019 by Layne Fowler

I can't find any function to add an existing configuration to a design table. Usually, once a configuration is added through the configuration manager I will have to edit the design table manually (right click design table -> "Edit Table"). At this point it asks me which configurations I want to add to the design table:


I wrote a macro that copied the properties from each config and duplicated them in the design table. This didn't work because Solidworks didn't seem to realize they were linked back to the already created configurations.


How can I achieve this in a macro?



  1. Solidworks part is open with design table inserted.
  2. Design table allows model edits to update itself and only new configurations add new rows.
  3. Add a new configuration in the configuration manager (right click config manager -> "Add Configuration...").



  1. Row is added to design table for new configuration.
  2. Configuration icon has changed to an Excel icon.