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Multi-Jog Leaders - Won't break around quantity...

Question asked by Josh Brady on Jan 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2019 by Jim Steinmeyer

Can anyone else get a multi-jog leader to properly break around quantity on a balloon?

Screenshot below is a balloon with the "Quantity" checkbox checked. With leader settings as shown, the highlighted setting causes the leader to break around the quantity:



However, if I make the leader a multi-jog (RMB on the leader line and choose either "Insert new branch" or "Add jog point"), nothing I can do will get it to break.


Of course, if I click the "plain leader" button it will switch it back, but I can't make a multi-jog break.


I'll be turning this in as a bug as long as nobody here tells me how I'm doing it wrong... Or that it's fixed in something later than 2018sp4.0...


(Bonus question... Anyone know how to switch a balloon back from Multi-jog to plain via API?...)


Thanks errbody!