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New blog about simple project management in SW

Discussion created by Barbara Jerin on Jan 8, 2019
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Hey everyone,


I'm working on the idea of making my own blog that will be all about simple ways of managing your projects in SW.

I haven't yet found a blog or a site that would teach how to handle projects in a way that would be simple enough even for SW starters who often face this problems when they beginn their journey as a SW user, especially if they are the only one in the firm, that is using SW.


Ok, what do I mean with project management?

I mean:

  • Numbering system design (I get frustrated when I see tutorials of project case studies naming the files Part1, Handle2, Bracket5, etc.)
  • Revision handling
  • Custom properties definition and usage
  • Machining of weldments and assemblies
  • How to use and not use configurations
  • Automation of convert tasks
  • How to organize your project folder
  • Designing of standard components
  • Using interference check
  • Importing of standard files
  • Collaboration option
  • …you get the picture 

Where do I get the knowledge to start such a blog?

I am only 31, but my husband and I are selfemployed for several years now, and are working on different kind of engineering projects. Everything from sports equipment to larger projects like production line for the manufacturing of refractory cements (20.000 components in the top assembly). For our own work we have developed a simple system for managing this kind of projects, and we also implemented PDM professional last year for only the two of us.


The foundation of the blog's content would be our system, so everything would work together as a whole. My intention is not to design a »one size fits all« system, but more a starting point from where a company's system can evolve.


If you would be interessted in this kind of knowledge, please give this thread a like so I can see if there is any potential and interest.

Please do not take this as a commercial, because I just want to see if I'm on the right path.


Thank you for your time,