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Is it possible to pattern on a curved surface?

Question asked by Kevin van der Velden on Jan 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2019 by Paul Salvador

Hi all,

I am making a design for a bluetooth speaker, and I stumbled upon a problem I can't seem to solve.

I want to make something like the JBL Flip 3 cover to put over the speakers themself. But my BT speaker is not cylindrical, and I'm unable to wrap my sketch on it.

Does someone has a method for this? I attached the file where the pattern has to be put on.


In this video, you see the black plastic part I need: JBL Flip 3 Teardown and USB Repair - YouTube


P.s. This is for a task for university, but this is going beyond our current capabilities. Teacher doesn't mind looking for help