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GPU rendering only works correctly in preview

Question asked by Jakob Kohnle on Jan 8, 2019

Hi I have a strange problem. I have used Soliworks Visualize (student version) last semester for my project. I used a gtx 1070 (sometime two) and it rendered much faster than my ryzen 1700x. But now suddenly it takes longer with the Gpu, which can`t be right.

The really strange thing is that it runs with the right speed in the prview window and I know that it is not exactly the same but even when i set all the settings the same (preview window and render set to 1440p and mode Quality Fast) it renders around 5 samples per second in Preview (using the car) meanwhile it takes ages when I start the rendering, approximately less than 1 sample every second (rendering it with the queue results in the same). I tried different drivers, but nothing worked so far. The system is the same as last semester in terms of hardware. And the drivers kind of work since the preview renders really fast.


I hope someone can help.

(I have to render a project in around two weeks, but i might have Visualize 2018 Sp5 by then, I still want to get this isuue fixed before)



My system:

Solidworks Visualize 2017 SP5

Nvidia driver version: 416.34

Ryzen 1700 (running at 3.8ghz all cores)

Palit Gtx 1070 Jetstream

16gb ram at 3200mhz

Crucial mx 150 1tb