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Windows Search Issues for Full Content Search on EPDM

Question asked by Guy Edkins on Jan 8, 2019



I recently upgraded our systems to SW and EPDM 2019. As part of that upgrade I have initialized Full Content Search on the 2012 server hosting EPDM. The initialization/install of Windows Search all went well. Indexing took about 2 days to complete. I installed SW Explorer on the server to allow full content indexing of SW files. I also installed an iFilter for DWG/DXF files. That has all worked quite well. However an issue has arisen. The index once complete either immediately disappears or does at some point shortly thereafter. This causes EPDM to return the dreaded "Item not found in database" error.


I have traced the issue to a Windows Search issue. I have found in the Windows App log during the indexing process the following error. This error occurs about every 15 minutes. The indexing does continue, however I believe this to be the identifier of the root cause of the index failing. Does anyone have any experience with Windows Search and EPDM and can offer a fix or process to find the root cause? I know Windows Search is notorious for issues, but I have to believe I can get around this one. It works really well for a while.