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What does 100% really mean for "Untrim Surface"?

Question asked by Dan Pihlaja on Jan 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2019 by Thomas Voetmann

OK, here is the scenario:

I have this little snippet of a surface on a solid body that looks like it was created by a chamfer. This is an imported part and I just wanted to extend the surface so that it crosses my plane that I am working on.


So, I offset the surface 0" to effectively copy the surface.


Then I select "untrim surface" to 100% and select it.


However, this does not extend the surface as far as I want it to.

So, I thought about it....and I wondered if I could untrim it again.....


I would think that I couldn't...because I previously untrimmed it to 100%.....That is maximum...right?


Sure enough....selecting the surface that I JUST untrimmed and untrimming it again.

Now, it looks like a half truncated cone.


What if I keep selecting it?


Untrim # 4:


And, apparently, I can keep going, potentially extending the height of the cone infinitely.....



So....what does "100%" really mean? How does the program know when to stop?


I looked at the surface areas of the different surfaces and there really isn't a pattern.

Some of them are almost exactly 4 times the surface area of the previous one...some are almost exactly 6 times.