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Sheet metal costing $/cut time feature?

Question asked by Alexander Velting on Jan 8, 2019



I am currently trying to set up a custom sheet metal costing template and I have a couple of issues. I am trying to calculate the company's burden(overhead per machine time) within the template. I don't see a clear way to add something like this. The options I have are to use the "extra cost" feature but when I do this, it adds the extra cost at a flat rate to each cut which is not what I want since certain cuts take less time than others. The only other option I have is to add a custom operation for the burden but I can only go by part or by edge. None of the options seem to use the cutting time of the machine. Is there any work around that anyone has found for this? Also, if there is any extra information/tips on setting up this template, I would love the help.