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Cam mate wrong side

Question asked by Salted Fish on Jan 8, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2020 by Paul Salvador

I'm following a Youtube tutorial for an engine assembly (for practice), and having some issues with the camshaft. I've made all the parts according to the tutorial, and am trying to mate them so they animate properly. However, when I use the Cam Mate on more than one of the rocker arms, some of them (it seems random) will "flip" to the wrong side.


I start by setting all the rocker arms above the camshaft. Then, using the Cam Mate tool under "Mechanical Mates," I select the path (which Solidworks correctly identifies) and then the follower. All is fine until I select more than one Cam Mate, at which point some of them 'flip' to the other side. Cursory research shows that this is a fairly common/known problem, which is baffling to me since it's a glaring oversight and ought to have a solution now. See pictures for more details.










The Camshaft in the pictures is free to rotate along its long axis. Rotating it does cause all the cams (regardless of their orientation) to properly follow the cam face. However, even after properly setting the Cam Mates (that is to say, putting the Rocker Arms on the top of the Camshaft), spinning the camshaft instantly causes only some of the Rocker Arms to flip sides as seen in the last picture. It's not clear why some do this and others stay on the correct side.


Thanks in advance for any help, even if it is just to say, "Oops, there's no solution."