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Adding the near side countersink option in the hole wizard leads to concentric mate failures in the assembly

Question asked by Piotr Adamowski on Jan 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2019 by Jason Martin

Hi guys,


I'm working with SWX 2017 SP5.


While using the hole wizard feature I have observed the following:

  1. In a part create an arbitrary hole with the hole wizard
  2. In an assembly mate a screw or something similar to that hole, using a concentric (cylindrical faces of the hole and the screw) and a coincident mate
  3. After that add the option "Near side countersink" to the hole



Do you also get red mate failures in the assembly (concentric mate) for all of the mated screws?


By the way: I do not get the failures when simply adding a chamfer to the hole.

I can imagine that there is a logical reason for it, but in my opinion everything that is being modified inside the hole feature specification, that obviously preserves the faces / the geometry of that hole, should not influence the mates. The face IDs should preserve or SWX should have an algorithm to fix it.