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Chord line distance used for cut applied when unfolded

Question asked by David Wiberg on Jan 7, 2019
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As part of a course I'm trying to model a real life object and have encountered a problem which I'm not sure if it is expected or not. Let me describe/motivate the steps I have performed and what I find strange:

  1. Created a sheet metal part from a sketch which consists of a 175 deg arc, i.e. not a complete half circle. Note that the sketch defines the outer diameter.
  2. Unfolded the part to add a cutout which I wanted to dimension when the part is in an unfolded state.
  3. Folded the part and realized that the measurement isn't applied as I expected as the distance I have set is used as shear chord line instead of arc length.

Is this expected behavior?


File is attached for reference.


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