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Making a surface from two curves and a base polygon?

Question asked by Eli Josephs on Jan 6, 2019
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Hi all,


Hopefully this will be a quick one.


I am working on modelling a complex fuel tank, and the first step is to get the basic body completed. It is tubular in shape, with domed ends. The "tube" cross section is not round, though. It is comprised of several curves and a straight section on either side. See image 1.



The end caps need to be of a certain radius. The horizontal sketch is 1.5" below the horizontal center line, to be exactly in the middle of the straight sections seen above. The vertical sketch is directly on the vertical center line. The two sketches intersect at the middle. See image 2 for a 3D view of this.




The tube part of the body is just a boundary base to a similar shape on the other end. The caps, however, need to form a dome shape, which terminates at the edge of the tube cross section. It must also be defined by the two other sketched lines in order to have the proper radius from both top and front view.


My problem is that the dome shape isn't terminating at the exact edge of the cross section. See the small gray parts left in image 3.



I tried to fix it by adding two extra lines at the top and bottom of the flat line sections. This allowed me to be able to actually trim the surface, but it still doesn't quite match the tube cross section.



Any suggestions or workarounds would be greatly appreciated. I attached the file itself. The main features are suppressed, and it's in the latest form with the extra two lines.


I am running SW 2017, so hopefully everyone will be able to open it. Sadly, that also means I won't be able to open any files that are returned.