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Property Manager Pages - What am I doin' wrong?

Question asked by Josh Brady on Jan 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2019 by Josh Brady

So I wrote a macro.

Macro works fine, has a user form with 7 buttons and a checkbox.

Macro creates and edits note/balloon groups.  This part is relatively important.

I wanna make it more professional looking, so I figure it needs a PMP, right? Plus, you can exit with "Esc", which is always nice for users.

Hate to admit, but I've never used 'em before.

Copy/paste the PMP example from the Help file into a macro, doesn't look too tough.  Let's run it.

BAM: First wall - If the PMP has a selection box, grouped annotations do not move together while the PMP is displayed.  This is completely unacceptable for my macro functionality.

But, no biggie, I don't need a dang selection box.  My macro already handles selections just fine with notifications from SW, so I'll just comment out the selection boxes.  Run the macro, looks like everything moves right, good deal.  OK, let's kill it with "Esc"

BAM: Second wall.  Stupid error that says "The current operation could not be interrupted".  The "OK" checkmark and the "Cancel" X both work fine, on the PMP and in the confirmation corner, but "Esc" doesn't work.  This might be acceptable without the error message (after all, it doesn't work with a User Form either), but with the error it is embarrassing.



Does anyone know how (within VBA) to create a PMP that does NOT contain a selection box, but you can still quit using the "Esc" key?


I have attached a drawing with some grouped notes as well as 2 versions of the code from the Help.  The only changes I've made to the code are:

PMP-WithSelection.swp:  Changed the filters on the selection box to allow selection of notes

PMP-NoSelection.swp:  Commented out all lines having to do with creating selection boxes and setting their properties