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How to model a rivet seam across a spline surface?

Question asked by Tony Long on Jan 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2019 by Paul Salvador

I have sheets of steel that overlap each other to form a larger rectangle area horizontally. The sheet seam overlap is 3 inches and has vertical row of rivets. The vertical direction is a straight line on a planar surface. The horizontal seam surface follows a spline curve as the next sheet over laps it.


The rivet size is 5/8" OD and the radius of the "dome" part if 5/16". The dome tool can easily create this look - sometimes, but in some cases it seams buggy/defective. I have also used 3D sketches and lofting from a point to the OD to create rivets heads. I'm looking for the easier way to do this in this situation where I have these overlaps modeled with spline lines.


To get a horizontal pattern of rivets across the spline surface, I found the Wrap tool does that okay. The sketch is a row of rivet OD's on a seam section. In the Wrap tool I can set the emboss to .001 .


Next I want to Dome each of the OD's into my rivet heads, however, at this point the Dome only does elliptical shape domes and not rounded. Why? The checkbox in the panel for Elliptical is not viewable. I don't use the constraint sketch because the product documentation doesn't explain that. (no one seems to understand that)


Below is an image from a test. The linear pattern of rivets laid across the spline surface using Wrap with a .001 emboss and then using the Dome to create (attempt to create) the circular looking dome, but just getting a cone shape.


Is this a bug in the software? What versions support this that work like I'm expecting? What other ways can this be achieved? How does this compare to using Pro-E ?