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What good is it to have the option to replace a model in views if it's going to break all the dimensions?

Question asked by Kris Rowlands on Jan 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2019 by Barry Watkins

So.….I have a machining that's made from a casting.


I copied the casting page of the drawing to make another sheet on the dwg to create a hog-out version (not from casting). All but 10 dimensions from the final assembly (casting part in an assembly with machining functions completed) are contained on the casting dwg.


I replaced the model on the views of the copied sheet and SW broke all the dag-gone dimensions!


What good is it to have this feature if it's going to break all the dims? It's the same part dimensionally with the exception of the machining ops.


Grrr. Sometimes I will never understand the rationale of SW devs.