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Assemblies and drawings constantly updating

Question asked by Daniel Ferrucci-Herzberg on Jan 4, 2019

For this one specific project, I seem to have gotten myself into an endless cycle of my drawings and assemblies updating every component within them whenever I make a change, switch documents, or save.  For example, I'll save and close the top-level assembly, which takes several minutes, and then go to close a subassembly. SolidWorks wants to update everything all over again for that save, even thought I've made no changes. Even cancelling a command I haven't yet executed requires a full rebuild. It's taking hours to do anything.


Each part is linked to an inserted master model, but I've used this technique plenty of times before with no problem. I've looked through my settings, but anything that would require a rebuild is turned off. I've also tried freezing all my parts, but that doesn't seem to help, which is strange. I turned down my image quality, simplified parts with the most triangles.  What am I missing?


I've attached the Performance Evaluation report from my top-level assembly.