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Use solid as a boolean for two different bodies

Question asked by Nik Wong on Jan 3, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2019 by Deepak Gupta

I have a screw which I wish to use to pierce two bodies which are meant to fasten to eachother. I am achieving this by using the screw as a boolean in a combine operation. However, the combine operation creates a body in which the screw is a child, and then I am unable to use the screw again to boolean the second piece.


Ideally, I can use the screw solid to pierce both bodies. Should I copy the screw and create a duplicate, and use each screw body as an input to the combine for the bodies to achieve this? How would this properly be done? Thank you.


First and second bodies:




First and second bodies with screw body piercing both bodies:




Combine operation uses the screw body as input, now cannot combine (subtract) using the screw body on second body, so can not use the screw to pierce both (I want to create the screw hole in the 2nd body, like in the 1st):




Also an evaluation on the efficacy of this fastener would be appreciated, if you have the time. Suggestions would be ultra appreciated. I am self-learning solidworks and most of the guides leave....well.. much to be desired. Thank you.