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Pulling Material Information from a Custom Material Library

Question asked by Todd Blacksher on Jan 2, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2019 by Todd Blacksher

Good Afternoon All,


Let me start by saying that my API/macro knowledge is severely lacking, which has “inspired me" to start learning a little more.


Here’s the situation:

I’m at a new job, and I’m looking at an old macro that was put in place by someone about 11 years ago, and they are no longer here.

I have been told that it only works on two of the older computers (we’re all using the same version of SOLIDWORKS & Windows.)


I tried the macro from the network location on my new machine, and received this error message:

This is the portion that is highlighted when VBA opens:


After a little digging on the forums, I found this:

a user-defined type not defined !


I checked my references, and SOLIDWORKS Utilities 2015 Type Library was not checked.

I checked the box, but it would not stay on the next time I ran the macro.)

(Since the macro on the network is “Read Only”, I copied it to my desktop, and it kept the reference change.)


This is what my “Available References:” now looks like:

Since I am still getting the same error, I started looking into the highlighted section of the macro from the image above.


This forum thread contained an almost identical section of code that is being used in our macro:

Get Material Properties from Material Library


As of right now, I am not able to share the macro, I am hoping that will change soon.

In the meantime, I am still doing a lot of digging, and I thought that I would throw it out to see if there is something very basic that I might be overlooking.


The next aspect that I am reviewing is the Material Library – We are using (and referring to) a custom material library.

It is listed in the File Locations under Material Databases (along with the other (3) that cannot be deleted.)

Like I said, I will share more information as soon as possible, I just wanted to get a better set of eyes on this while I continue to find out how much I don’t know about macros!


Thanks all,