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Lots of little problems with SW 2019 - Dynamic Reference Visualization

Question asked by Scott Lyon on Dec 31, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2019 by Matt Peneguy

This handy little feature has been driving me nuts with several aggravations that I've been putting up with. I only discovered the cause as DRV a couple days ago.

I'm looking for some confirmation here that I can take to my VAR.

First here's the setup: Dynamic Reference Visualization turned on (either one or both), a component in an assembly or a feature in a part and it having an external reference. If it's an assembly then the component must have a reference to something else. It could be a mate, sketch relation, dimension or anything else that would cause the DRV arrows to appear. If it's a part then these problems will occur no matter what since everything in a part file ends up referencing something, even if it's just a plane.

Okay, so now the fun part. If any or all of the above conditions are met and I then single left-click on the 'reference tied' thing (could even be a plane, mate or axis) in the feature tree I get one or more of the following problems:

1) Can't slow double-click to rename something in the tree

2) The thing doesn't highlight in the graphics window

3) Can't zoom in or out with the mouse wheel

4) Can't pan/rotate with Connexion 3D mouse

5) Can't see configurations available in the top window of the popped up in-context toolbar

And here's where it gets really weird. If I move the pointer away from whatever I have selected the problems go away. I have to move off the tree and out into the graphics window or up and down the tree by at least 2 lines.

I can insert a second instance of a part file in an assembly and just leave it floating or fixed and that component won't have the problem. The first instance with a mate will.

All problems stop if Dynamic Reference Visualization is turned off. I have the same exact behavior on two different machines with SW 2019. A third machine with SW 2018 has no problem at all. So, can you reproduce this?