Dennis Dohogne

Request for a SWX-Authored FAQ on File Translation

Discussion created by Dennis Dohogne on Dec 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2019 by Ruben Balderrama

I am addressing this to Solidworks Swcare, Mark Johnson, and John Sweeney with the expectation that this request be forwarded onto the appropriate person.


I am requesting that someone at SWX write an FAQ post about the best file translation methods/formats/settings. I see many posts where folks are using IGES or STEP file export from one CAD system to bring a file into SWX. IGES isn't even a standard (it stands for International Graphics Exchange Specification) and was never finished and ratified before folks started using it. In my experience it is a very poor file format to use.


I am sure there are folks at SWX that have probably already done this. I am just asking for it to be published and explained here. Here is a rough idea of what I'm talking about:

Notice that nowhere in here is IGES listed as a preferred format. ACIS and STEP are actually tertiary choices, but generally acceptable. If it is explained that IGES is a poor choice then people will remember that and avoid using it. If 3D Interconnect is better explained here then more people will take advantage of it. Linking to the online Help is okay, but that should be only for supplemental information.


Since we see people coming on the forum with file translation issues then we should have a forum-based answer. An FAQ written by SWX will carry a lot more weight than the opinion of a forum contributor.


The reason I am asking for this is because I see so many posts in the forum with people using a dumb solid when a) they would be better off using the original file with 3D Interconnect, or b) when they are using a poor choice for their neutral file. Most of these people don't know how to get the best results or think that IGES is a universal translator of sorts. If we had an FAQ telling how to get the best results and explaining why then there would be fewer complaints.


We would be happy to refer people to that FAQ.