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How to control the welding gap in Routing Module in SW

Question asked by Sorin Albu on Dec 29, 2018
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I have created a piping route design section but I didn’t use the route functionality module
from Solid Works instead I worked in classic way using an assembly where I
assembly all the necessary parts, flanges, pipe, tee, valve, elbows. In piping
manufacturing real practice we need gap for welding between the routing parts,
in this case I applied 3.18mm welding gap. So my question is regarding this or
in general for these piping tubing routing design I would like to create this
design using Route Module from Solid Works but I need help to find the best
solution how to control the welding gap in parametrical automatic way direct
from Route Module in Solid Works there is a settings, other alternatives
solutions something that give me the best control for this, but inside of
Routing Module of Solid Works, thank you, I appreciate very much, a fast real
practical functional answer. Please see the pdf attached.