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    Tool Box Shadow tool cutouts. 

    Ken Abbott

      What I am trying to do is copy a picture in a sketch and define all the dimensions at once.  I have the sketch picture figured out.

      Is there a way to dimension everything at once?

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          John Pesaturo

          Ken, you can dimension everything all at once if you so choose under the pull down Tools/Dimensions/Fully Define Sketch. This works but the results are sometimes a little quirky.


          A second thought is adding a "Fix" relation to all the sketch entities. This will fully define the sketch as traced but not tie up any time dimensioning the entire sketch. (I like to use this method when working with designs that I have had no input. The lack of dimensions and a fully defined sketch are a dead giveaway to me that the sketch geometry came to me from some external source)


          It all comes down to what your end goal is ... Good luck