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Lots of little problems with SW 2019 - breadcrumbs at pointer

Question asked by Scott Lyon on Dec 31, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2019 by Scott Lyon

I've had a host of little bugs with 2019 and it looks like I'm finally narrowing in on some of the causes. At this point I'm looking for confirmation from the club.

I'll split these up in a couple different posts and this one is for a problem with pasting an appearance if using breadcrumbs by the mouse pointer.

To paste a color of course you copy it first, then you can either right-click on something or left-click on something. If it's in the tree it just applies the appearance (color) at the top level of the file. If it's in the graphics window you first get a little pop-up bar where you can choose what to apply the appearance on; be it a face, feature, body or whatever. The problem I have is if breadcrumbs are set to display by mouse pointer I don't get the pop-up bar if I left-click on something in the graphics window. Nor is the copied appearance applied to anything. If I uncheck pointer, everything works as it should. Everything works as it should with breadcrumbs turned off entirely also.

I have the same result on 2 different computers with SW 2019. I can also reproduce the problem when opening SolidWorks in Settings Bypass mode via SW RX. As soon as I add the checkmark to breadcrumbs by pointer the popup bar stops working. It's the same with any part file or assembly file. I do not have the problem on a 3rd machine running SW 2018.

So the question is, can you reproduce this on your setup?

I did make my VAR aware of this a couple weeks ago but at that time I didn't know that the breadcrumb setting had an impact. I only knew the pop-up didn't work. As far as I know the VAR hasn't done any investigating yet. I was still on SP0.0 and we were kind of hoping the problem would go away with SP1.0. It didn't.