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piping routing project questions,thank you,I appreciate,

Question asked by Sorin Albu on Dec 30, 2018
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I’m working to a current routing project that look’s simple but because I’m beginner in routing I have problems. I already created this project in classic way, but I was thinking will be like a challenge to try to apply for the same design the routing capabilities because I would like to learn and model in 3D using routing, I will appreciate very much if there is a chance to receive help and answers to my specific questions.

1-Please see the assembly files in the attach files. I start with a reducer tee after that I use routing to have the 6 inches pipe.

2-The first difficult problem was to snap the flange on the reducer tee practically didn’t work the flange didn’t snap there whatever I try, finally I start a pipe from the reducer tee I succeed to snap the flange to a side of the pipe and after that I remove the pipe like that the flange remain on the right position.

3-Second, I created a gasket custom I applied c points r point I save in design library this new gasket and I succeed to snap to the flange.

4-The third is how to snap the second flange but with opposite direction in comparation with the first flange and everything what I tried didn’t work, I extended the pipe from gasket I snap the flange remain there but I cannot change position for direction tab didn’t do nothing. I removed the pipe from the gasket and tried to snap again the flange no way…

5-After I will assembly the second flange I need to assembly on the flange a tee 3inches with space for welding and on the tee another flanges with weld space too.

Is so difficult to work in routing where I need to assembly fitting to another different fitting where I wrong where is the problem!? I have basic knowledge about routing, but I think there are things in routing very specific rules how to do it in stabile way fast and accurate. Thank you so much I appreciate.