Kevin Chandler

Utility to Move window by clicking anywhere in window, not just title bar.

Discussion created by Kevin Chandler on Dec 27, 2018



Attached are two utilities that let you drag windows by clicking anywhere in the window and not just within the window's title bar.

I didn't create these. I'm just a messenger.


They're compiled from this AutoHotkey script:


Press and hold down CapsLock (CapsLockWindowDrag.exe version) and then (left) click anywhere in the window and drag it to reposition it.


I copied and edited the script to create the left Alt version (AltWindowDrag.exe, works with the Alt left of the Spacebar only) to match the Alt+drag anywhere that's standard linux behavior. (I think.)


If you wish to use other key combinations, edit these highlighted lines that are at the top of the script. Then compile your changes to get your custom exe file.

(I changed "CapsLock" to "LAlt" for the second version. AHK's list of keys:

As seen above, pressing the middle and then the left mouse buttons will do the move too (both versions).


While running, it works for any window, not just SW.

I hope you find this useful, especially for those having difficulties manipulating the mouse and windows.