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    Solidworks CAM postprocessor for Masso Controller

    Dieter Radler



      I am migrating from Windows based Mach3/Mach4 to the Masso controller.


      I am using Solidworks CAM and I am looking for people with experience in using the Masso Controller with Solidworks CAM.

      Right now I am using the Mach_III_G54 post processor to create G-Code and afterwards I am modifiying G-Code like G43, G4x in an editor.

      That works mostly, but for larger code pieces, this takes time.


      Does anyone has a better ideas to create G-Code for Masso controller using Solidworks CAM?

      Is there anybody who might have created new post using the UPG program from HSMworks?


      Thanks for any idea.


      Best regards