Joe Grantham

2009 Manual Admin Image Issues

Discussion created by Joe Grantham on Mar 18, 2009
Hi,<br /><br />Due to a someowhat unique deployement tool I kind have to utilize (Novell ZenWorks)  I have to manually make and deploy application(s) directly from the MSI's.<br /><br />In the past I have always just downloaded everything, extracted, create admin images via msiexec /a <package>, etc.  I would then install from an msiexec /i <package> <options> /qb-, so forth.<br /><br />This year I did use the SLDIM to download and create the admin images (sp2.1) for all packages during the night, went great.  I then just copies the individual folders to the network, they all work great, with the exception of solidworks 09 sp2.1.<br /><br />After lots of digging and troubleshooting, it seems the problem is related to the sldlmwiz, erroring out somehow, the installer stops immediatly afterwards.  Here is what the log says during a manual running of the MSI.  You can see there is a slight problem with the enableperformance property, it then ask me to confirm my lic server, i say ok, it then says installation has been aborted, finished button.  Everything works fine in SP0.0.  I have tried lots of things, downloading manually the full SP2.1 core file, installing SP0.0 then upgrading to sp2.1, manually copying the sp0 sldlmwiz .exe and .dlls into the sp2.1 folder, I've read through the msi using orca, all looks identical.  This even fails for sp2.1 just running the package right after extraction, not even making an admin image Sp0 always works.  I've tried different machines too.<br /><br />Fail Log (SP2.1)<br /><div class='jive-quote'><p style='min-height: 8pt; padding: 0px;'> </p><p>Action 15:02:38: get_EnablePerformanceProperty. <br />Action start 15:02:38: get_EnablePerformanceProperty.<br />Action ended 15:02:38: get_EnablePerformanceProperty. Return value 1.<br />Info 2836.The control Next on the dialog EnablePerformance cannot take focus.<br />Action 15:02:38: EnablePerformance. Dialog created<br />Action 15:02:42: swlmwiz_installedWithProductUI. <br />Action start 15:02:42: swlmwiz_installedWithProductUI.<br />Action ended 15:02:49: swlmwiz_installedWithProductUI. Return value 3.<br />Info 2896.Executing action swlmwiz_installedWithProductUI failed.<br />Action ended 15:02:49: InstallWelcome. Return value 3.<br />Action 15:02:49: SetupCompleteError. <br />Action start 15:02:49: SetupCompleteError.<br />Action 15:02:49: SetupCompleteError. Dialog created<br />Action ended 15:02:50: SetupCompleteError. Return value 2.<br />Action ended 15:02:50: INSTALL. Return value 3.</p></div>Good Log (SP0.0)<br /><div class='jive-quote'><p style='min-height: 8pt; padding: 0px;'> </p><p>Action 13:39:31: get_EnablePerformanceProperty. <br />Action start 13:39:31: get_EnablePerformanceProperty.<br />Action ended 13:39:31: get_EnablePerformanceProperty. Return value 1.<br />Action 13:39:31: EnablePerformance. Dialog created<br />Action 13:39:32: swlmwiz_installedWithProductUI. <br />Action start 13:39:32: swlmwiz_installedWithProductUI.<br />Action ended 13:39:34: swlmwiz_installedWithProductUI. Return value 1.<br />Info 2836.The control Back_PE on the dialog ReadyToInstall cannot take focus.<br />Action 13:39:34: ReadyToInstall. Dialog created</p></div>I will also call my VAR shortly.  I know I could cmd line the sldim, admindirector.xml, but I just shouldn't have to and I feel I have better control over different configs and regions at my company by utilizing groups I already have set up and building the packages.<br /><br />Thank you!