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Missing Connection point error in Route Wires

Question asked by Samuel Kiley on Dec 21, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2019 by Luz-Helena Hook

I have pretty much encountered every error SWE 3d could throw at me. I want to route 2 wires (as a test) and to do so I create this component using the electrical component wizard. In the component wizard I save the copy of that part in a folder of my choosing. That part I then assign to the manufacturer part in SW electrical. Next I create the assembly of the location, which only has these two connectors and two wires in them. I double click that assembly in SWE to open it. Once open I double click the part in the SW add in tree (CN1 and CN29 in this case) to insert my 3D model, which should be the file I associated in SWE (usually it is not for some reason either, but that is a whole different conversation...). Once the two associated parts, each which 0_0 and 0_1 connection points and 2d schematic ids 1 and 2(which it seems to auto generate differently every time I do it, so its either 0_0 or 1 depending on how it feels), I click route wires and it immediately brings me this error. I dont understand why I had this error, because I was testing different flatten route options by making the route successfully and then clicking out of the assembly without saving and rerouting before and after I got this error. On like the fourth random time doing the exact same task, solidworks decided to throw me these errors and not let me route any other connectors I throw at it. Please help because this has been driving me insane. I am at the point of testing different combinations of button presses and the order in which I do things to try and find the issue. Nothing seems to have a pattern with this software.


I have followed tutorials and pretty much every step has resulted in something different on my end....