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Lofted Cut help please..........

Question asked by Dave Bear on Dec 22, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2018 by Paul Salvador

Hi Folks,


I'm having a Sunday morning brain fade, perhaps I should just go back to bed........

I'm trying to do a lofted cut between the two closed groups shown below (sketches 6 & 7).


Loft 1.png

Sketch7 is now a 'Split Line' on the curved front face, which I thought was the right way to go about it and Sketch6 is just a basic sketch on the front plane. I can't have Sketch7 on a parallel plane to the front plane because when the cut is done it results in the wrong shape loft due to the curvature of the face of this part. I know I'm doing something dumb here, just can't focus on what it is.......

Part attached.