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Multibody Sheet Metal Part showing flat pattern on assembly drawing

Question asked by Seth Ruhan on Dec 21, 2018

Hi All,


We often create multibody parts with several sheet metal components. But often we need to combine it with purchased components - Such as a door with 15ish sheet metal bodies (in one part) in an assembly with some hindges, Door Handle \ lock plus rivets etc.  We want to show all this on one drawing, as its all part of one weldment.  Which works great with an indented BOM, except when it comes to flat patterns.


There is no way to insert a flat pattern from the assembly, so end up inserting the flat patterns from the part directly. However, this breaks the Item Number (Balloons). Which also break our mark number  {FileName}-{ItemNumber} etc.


How else do people solve these types of issues?

In the part when doing a structure and needed welded nuts I've just inserted them as derived parts, however, you can't do that for assemblies etc.