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EAA 2018 Student Design Kit Download Problem

Question asked by Don Ricciardiello on Dec 24, 2018



I'm a member of and am attempting to download Solidworks Student Design Kit 2018-2019. It is a new installation. I'm not a student so cannot consult with an education facility. I obtained the software through the membership offer from the Experimental Aircraft Association, refer to the link below for details.


The serial numbers are supplied by them. I'm not sure of the exact software version as this is all new to me.


I'm able to start the installation manager and fill in all the serial number details but it's when I click download and install that the process stops. I then get a choice of retry or manual download. Either option doesn't work. No previous versions have been previously installed on this PC. The installation is failing at the download stage by the installation manager. Both auto and manual downloads are failing. I'm using a clean installation of Windows 10 x64 Pro. I've cleared all my browser cache and history and turned off anti virus programs


Can anyone assist please?