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Why are mates in 2017 SP3 so bad?

Question asked by Nathan Huber on Dec 20, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2018 by Walter Fetsch

Since switching from my work's ancient 2013 version, I've had the hardest time getting the simplest mates to work.


When I do a concentric mate to align two cylindrical parts, the parts now fly towards one another so they touch (either that or they fly way out 1/4 mile into space axially for no reason). This makes it require an extra step to then drag the parts apart, then go back and mate the parts together with a coincident mate. If I'm doing a concentric mate, it should move concentric and nothing else.


Additionally, when doing concentric mates, moving one part axially will move the other part axially (sometimes at the same rate, with one part hidden inside the other part so you can't drag one part away without using isolate, other times there seems to be a proportional speed like one part moves half as fast as the other). If cylinders A and B are concentric mated, sometimes A will drag B axially, but B will not drag A axially. It makes no sense to me.


When mating an o-ring into a groove I used to concentric mate the axis of the o-ring to a cylindrical groove, and then tangent mate the o-ring surface to one of the groove walls. This still works, but it generates an error 95% of the time. This error usually disappears with a basic rebuild, but it's annoying to have to see your whole tree light up yellow/red for absolutely no reason with each mate.


Am I crazy or are these "upgrades" 100% counterproductive and annoying?

I'm aware there is a post almost exactly like this but it's from a year ago and offers no solutions to the issues I'm describing (Why did you guys make the mates suck again? ).