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Linear Pattern Not Rebuilding

Question asked by Tom Sowers on Dec 20, 2018

I have an assembly that has a linear pattern of a part to create configurations of various lengths. There are a lot of configurations as this assembly has lengths from 4 ft to 300 ft long. The assembly has worked perfectly for months. Now the configurations that are supposed to have 2 instances have 28 even though the pattern is still reflecting two instances. See Screen shot:I have contacted my VAR who was clueless and blamed a windows update, uninstalled the recent update and still have this issue. When I click to edit on the pattern, leave the values alone, and click the green check mark to close it, the pattern rebuilds back to normal. There are a lot of configurations and this is not an efficient solution. Rebuilding the assembly has no affect. Does any one have any idea what might cause this? This has occurred before and I was able to remove the pattern from the design but in this case that is not an easy solution.