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I'm not sure why my simulation is failing on "may be unstable" error.

Question asked by Ryan Turner on Dec 20, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2018 by Ryan Dark

Hey all,


New here, thanks for the help in advance. I'm in a finite element analysis class, and I'm building an assembly model for simulation. I feel like I've restrained my model, all my contact sets are coincident, and yet the simulation analysis fails and the error states that "Model might be unstable. Check that you have applied adequate fixtures to stabilize the model." I shelled the keg sleeve and the post in order to lighten the processing workload, and I've applied fillets to sharp edges to remove unrealistic stress concentrations and to allow for better meshing.


I'm not sure what else I can do in order to get this model to finish analysis, any help is appreciated.