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Display states crashing SW.

Question asked by Kevin Casey on Dec 20, 2018

I've got display states in my assembly that are hidden lines removed with certain components in color ( shaded with edges ) to highlight them in the assembly drawings. The normal ( default - Display State-1 ) display state is shaded with edges and in the drawing document is hidden lines removed. An example: Sheet 1 would be: Assembly is Display State-1, Drawing sheet for that view hidden lines removed; Sheet 2: Assembly in Display State - Step 02 - Wire graphic which is has only the wires in the assembly in color with the background components at hidden lines removed.


When the assembly is in is Display State-1 and I try to click through the pages, when I get to a page that is in the alternate Display State SW crashes.


If I have the assembly open in the secondary Display State I can cycle through the pages without SW crashing.


As far as I can tell the sheets with the alternate Display State are linked to the assembly as they should be, but if the assembly is not currently opened in that Display State the drawing document will crash the program.


Do not understand why.