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Fatigue analysis

Discussion created by Devi Prasad Samal on Mar 18, 2009
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I am very new to fatigue analysis. when applying fatigue curves, i have some doubt ..I have some fundamental questions...

when to apply which interpolation method & how to consider reverse bias or zero bias. Although i find some data regarding interpolation & bias condition from help. but it doesnot satisfy my question.

in help it will clarify only what are there defination. but if i want to apply a s-n curve for alloy steel, then how to find which interpolation method should b used.

one more question when will i use the austenic curve data & carbon steel curve data. is there any theory or i can take whatever is required.

if i dont have a s-n curve data for a specific material, how to do the fatigue analysis.

Thanks in advance for the help....

Devi Prasad Samal