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Equation Manager Overwriting Variables, How Do I Stop This?

Question asked by Peter Heuss on Dec 20, 2018

Greetings all,


So SW did a funny thing, starts overwriting my global variable references in the Equation Manager to whatever I'm currently viewing.

I have 3 equations per configuration (these are just different sizes of fence panels) and each equation is the same but uses a different global variable. I cannot choose to apply to "This Config" or "All Configs" etc those options are not there. I also cannot change the value of the equation driven dimensions from anywhere but the Manager (which is weird). So solidworks pops up with an error for each equation (3 per config) saying "SolidWorks has attempted to fix a conficting (love those error spelling errors) configuration equation. [equation name] has been modified. Please check ..." etc.

As you can see I have several configurations but no parent-child relations. The panel in the background there is what we're looking at, each config is a wider panel.

The equations are more of an easy way to make these models and change them rather than doing anything special so they're very simple.


You'll notice that this is config 900mm, it opened in the 1500mm config (last one i used) and I changed it to 900mm where it gave me the pop-ups and promptly chagned all the global variable references to "W15" instead of "W9" for this config.


These were working perfectly a few hours ago, then I went to add a new one and all of a sudden I can't get it to work. Part file is attached, I am running SW 2017. Any help would be greatly appreciated.