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Making "obsolete" status files less (or differently) visible in PDM vault view?

Question asked by Gordon Rigg on Dec 20, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2018 by Gorkem Bicen

I wondered if there was a way to make files with a particular status less visible in the PDM standard vault view?


I could of course put my obsolete files in a different folder, but i would like to keep them in their original project folders for trace ability

The only thing I thought of so far would be to reproduce the project structure beneath an obsolete directory. That is less than ideal and extra work.

Maybe I could make obsolete status files invisible to all but the administrators?


The ideal would be for each user to have a tick box, "display obsolete files" so they can choose to show them or not.

Alternatively I would like a way of displaying them differently, in italics, or highlighted with a colour or something like that.


I'm talking about PDM standard here, don't bother suggesting I buy PDM professional