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Every component unsuppressed itself?

Question asked by Marc Lastname on Dec 20, 2018
Latest reply on May 31, 2019 by Marc Lastname

Hi All,

I deal with large master assemblies with ~7000 individual components, about 10-20 top level assemblies, with hundreds of sub assemblies, some with 2-5 configurations within them. My job is to lighten the model as much as possible while maintaining basic functionality and at the same time remove proprietary design data, so the model can be posted publicly 


I have no control over the master model, I just take it from engineering and manipulate it. I have been suppressing about 90% of the components (anything you cant see standing in front of the machine) by searching for our internal part #'s, group selecting them, and suppressing them.


My problem is, a couple times now, for some reason I have not figured out, EVERYTHING will unsuppress itself. Even sub-sub-sub-sub assemblies and redundant components that are configuration-dependent unsuppressed today, so there are 4+ layers of components stacked on top of each other in some areas. At the end of yesterday I had my 6800 component model down to ~1200. I hit save and closed SW like normal. This morning, I opened up the master assembly and Pow, it loaded all 6800 components as unsuppressed. This is extremely frustrating because I just lost 8-12 hours of work.


My preview window still shows the model in its ~1200 component state, but when I re-open the file it opens every single component in the assembly.


My questions basically are:

1. Is there something i'm unknowingly doing that would cause every component to unsuppress?

2. Is there any setting I can change so that components will NEVER unsuppress themselves unless I specifically do it/approve it? (once suppressed, I never need them again)


I'm an intermediate SW user, but dont have a ton of experience with very large assemblies and sub-sub-sub-sub-sub assembly manipulation so I may be doing something unintentionally. This has happened to me on 2 of 7 models ive done.


Thanks for any help!