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Drawing won't exit the Drawing View Properties window

Question asked by Joel Gilbert on Dec 19, 2018
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I'm having this issue quite often now with section views in drawings. When I use the view properties to Show/Hide components, after exiting the Drawing View Properties box the box goes away but SW behaves as though it is still open/active. All of the toolbars are inactive (grayed out) and I can't save or exit. Pressing Escape brings up an error message that says "The current operation cannot be interrupted or the document is not accessible at this time". The only consistent way to get out of it is to kill the SW process but obviously that is not preferable.


This is what the toolbars/tree look like:



I can right-click on views in the tree and select Properties, make changes in Hide/Show components (and the views update), etc. but it just doesn't ever exit the properties window correctly so I can't save or exit correctly.


I can move views, dimensions and notes around, but can't edit annotations. I can open, close, save other files, but SW won't close when I hit the exit button. I've gotten it to "snap out of it" a few times but I don't know how. Any help would be much appreciated as I've lost a good bit of work several times now. I have gotten into a habit of saving every time I add/edit a view but the current assembly has over 1,500 parts so every view change takes time to reload.



I've closed all other applications and made sure no dialog boxes are opened as well. I just noticed another weird thing that I haven't seen before. In Task Manager there are two processes under the SW 2017 process group (Console Window Host and sldbgproc) that keep starting and stopping, don't think it does this during normal operation, might be hanging in a loop somehow?



Also I am able to get the behavior to occur by hiding a component, clicking Apply and Okay, then going back into Properties and removing it from Show/Hide list and clicking Okay. This time around the above processes were not starting and stopping so that may be unrelated.


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